Waterdreams Series

A collection of underwater nude portraits, recalling to a new plain the parallels between the conscious and subconscious, which compose reality.

The water is meant to represent the womb or a space with no presets, where the thought of floating and falling at the same time is possible. New elements from our common subconscious past unfold thought this series, reaching into the Oniric(dream) world in order to find a new way to re-learn our connection with reality and its possibilities.

Waterdreams: daydream

Waterdreams: nightdream

The Universe Within

We are stardust. This series is a reminder of the strong connection we have with nature. From as early as the big bang, the natural world has been shaping our humanity. Our existence is one with Earth's, inevitable and beautiful reality that I wish to evoke through these images. 


A rare encounter with a mythical creature from the deep waters.